Before you party in New Orleans read this!

Millions of people come to New Orleans every year to party and have a great time. This is the Big Easy and anything goes. One thing that you don’t realize is that it is much easier to end up in jail than you think. It’s much better to plan ahead and have the contact information of a criminal attorney before you start partying. Whether you get in a fight, DWI, public intoxication you have to be ready just in case you are in a situation that you haven’t planned for. Thousands of tourists are thrown in New Orleans jails for a variety of reasons and trust me the jails in New Orleans are far from safe.

That is why it’s very important to have the contact number of an attorney before you are arrested. On this website, we will list the top criminal defense attorneys in the New Orleans area that have the experience that you need for proper representation. These are the pros that you want in your corner. We look at a variety of factors of an attorney before we list them on this site such as experience, years in practice, reputation in the community, and more.